Q: How long does it take to do the barrier spray treatment and how long will it last?
A: Each treatment typically last 21 days and it takes 15-30 minutes to complete.

Q: What areas are treated in my yard?
A: We treat shrubs, low lying trees, your foundation, mulch beds, etc. In most cases we do not need to spray the grass. However, for special events sometimes it is necessary to spray the grass where guests will be.

Q: Does your treatment get rid of any other pests?
A: The spray is effective for a variety of pest including fleas, ticks and flies.

Q: What chemicals are being used in my yard and are they safe?
A: The type of insecticide that we use is a Pyrethroid. It is a synthetic form of Pyrethrins, which is a widely used insecticide that is derived from the chrysanthemum flower. All of our products are EPA approved and applied in a professional manor.

We do ask that everyone including pets stay out of area while it is being treated and allow 30 minutes for the spray to dry. After that, you are clear to enter your mosquito free yard!

Q: Does anyone need to be home? How will I know that treatment has been complete?
A: There is no need to be home during treatment. We will leave you a door hanger with a copy of the work order attached assuring you that the treatment was completed. .

Q: How much does a treatment cost?
A: The price varies for each property. It is based on the size, amount of foliage and how much chemical will be used. Give us a call, based on a few simple questions we will give you an accurate estimate over the phone.

Q: Do you provide mosquito treatments for non-residential locations?
A: Yes. We offer protection against mosquitoes for restaurants with outdoor patios, parks, campgrounds, pools and playgrounds, sports fields, daycares, outdoor wedding venues and more. If it is outdoors, and there is a mosquito problem, Shoreline Mosquito Defense can help you!